Ringotan is an app that's designed from the ground up to teach you how to write kanji.

A better way to learn kanji

The best way to learn how to read kanji - and make it stick - is to learn how to write it.

By combining advanced input-detection techniques with industry-standard SRS (Spaced Repetition) algorithms, Ringotan ensures you learn as quickly and efficiently as possible.

And this time, it'll stick.

Beginner to Advanced

Ringotan teaches you Hiragana, Katakana, and 3500 kanji, including all 2100 Jouyou Kanji and all 800 Jinmeiyou (name-only) kanji

Advanced SRS

Ringotan keeps track of how well you know each kanji, so it can quiz you on only the ones you need. This makes studying both fast and efficient.

100% Free

While Ringotan will eventually be a paid app, anyone who downloads now will keep the full version for free, forever

Why use Ringotan?

Actually teaches you kanji

Ringotan isn't just for reviews. It teaches you each character from the ground up, without assuming any prior knowledge.

Learn on your schedule

Unlike many other apps, Ringotan doesn't tell you when to study. You decide when you can study, and Ringotan will adapt accordingly.

Textbook Support

Ringotan supports most of the most popular textbooks, as well as Wanikani (API integration coming soon)

Free for early adopters

Anyone who downloads now will keep the full version for free, forever.

Ready to become a kanji master?

What are you waiting for? It's free!

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